Cooles Design, mega Qualität - .....für deine Sicherheit 😀😃

Rudy Project Deutschland & Österreich
Designed für Performance. 🚴‍🚴‍ Der neue Spectrum setzt Maßstäbe in Komfort, Sicherheit und Gewicht. 🔥
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24 Apr 2019, 21:12

Giant Bicycles
We first introduced our D-Fuse technology in 2014. Initially developed as a seatpost for pro-level cyclocross bikes, it was designed to absorb shocks and vibrations and deliver a smoother ride and more control on variable terrain. The heart of this pioneering concept is its distinctive "D-shaped" tubing with a round front and flattened rear section. Following its success in cyclocross, including multiple world championship titles, D-Fuse was expanded to endurance road bikes and beyond. Learn more here: #RideLife #RideGiant #DFuse #EngineeredCompliance
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18 Apr 2019, 8:20

updated with an golden gain - ......get into the perfect -FLOW - :-)😀🚴‍♂️🚲🥰The bicycle of all who wants to be the fastest. #MyOrbea #OrbeaAlma of BUHOBIKE! Are you WE ARE ORBEA group member? Join it to share your bike and you rides with the Orbea community. #Orbea ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

14 Apr 2019, 7:29

updated with an golden gain - ......get into the perfect -FLOW - :-)😀🚴‍♂️🚲🥰
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